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Conservatory Division

Founded on the premise that the capacity to experience all facets of music transcends every social, cultural, physical, and economic barrier, the mission of the Southern California Conservatory of Music is to provide quality music education in an atmosphere that fosters achievement, encourages creativity, and cultivates a lifelong love of music.  

FAME Outreach

FAME, Free Access Musical Education, is an SCCM program that provides music appreciation classes at schools and institutions throughout Southern California. Students, teachers, faculty and staff at Frances Blend Elementary School, Joaquin Miller Career and Transition Center, Widney High School, Blind Childrens Center, Junior Blind of America, and other institutions have enjoyed our unique approach to group music classes.

Braille Music Division

Founded in 1992, SCCM’s Braille Music Division taught music to blind and visually-impaired children, and provided the expertise, specialized curriculum, and teacher training required to serve blind students in the mainstream of its general music program. Visually-impaired students were trained to compete with their sighted peers.